Our Programs

Alphabet Academy is open for business Monday through Friday from 7:30 am to 6:30 pm. We are closed in observance of all public holidays and families currently have the following child care options available to them.


Full-time - 4 or 5 days a week

Part-time - 3 days or less a week 

Drop-In Care - Is for families with children not enrolled in the Academy on a full-time or part-time basis.

(Must be scheduled 24 hours in advance and for a minimum of 3 hours per day.)

Infants (3-12 Months)

Our child care providers expose infants to an array of stimulation to help them develop their sense of self. In addition to holding and cuddling the infant, our child care providers are always interacting with them to encourage their mental and physical development. They learn to grasp toys, sit up, vocalize sounds and other basic skills. The child care providers works with each infant in a series of stimulating activities that incorporate their regular routine of feeding and play. We reinforce the infant's development without disrupting their daily schedule.

Toddlers (13-23 Months)

Our child care providers allow toddlers opportunities to explore their surroundings. They also begin a more structured schedule and books, songs and activities are introduced to help children become comfortable with language and grow their vocabulary. Toddlers begins to develop basic self-help skills and start to recognize shapes, numbers, colors and size through play with toys, games and simple puzzles. Activities like coloring and scribbling are introduced to develop and encourage fine motor skills.

Beginners (2-3 Years)

We introduce more routine and structure to the children's activities and daily schedule. Children build vocabulary by discussing stories and they begin to understand simple directions. Your child will begin to explore number sets, textures, sorting by colour and are encouraged to use simple reasoning to explain everyday occurrences. Our Teachers encourage independence as children learn to verbalize their wants and needs. Our daily activities continue to reinforce age appropriate social development.

Head-start & Preschool

Full-time - 5 days a week 

Part-time - 5 days a week (8:30 am to 4:30 pm)

Head-start (3-4 Years)

Our  children in Head-start are settled and ready for a higher level of challenge. They learn to recognize letters and the sounds they make, the concept of counting objects, proper manners and self care skills. They begin to explore the different Learning Centers in the Academy and group activities help children learn to follow directions, take turns and develop friendships. Children learn about the weather, the concept of time; skills learned during this period include recognizing the letters in their names, tracing simple letters and shapes, colouring, catching a bounced ball and beginning to understand the concept of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Preschool (4 Years and older)

Our Preschool program expands on the basic literacy, math and physical fitness skills. Children learn letter sound relationships, sight word recognition and the use of critical thinking skills needed to make predictions. Children learn to express their feelings verbally and to act appropriately. Teachers introduce addition, subtraction, patterns reasoning and problem solving. The Preschool programs also offers an additional module for children whose birth dates are after the cut-off age for Kindergarten (Stage One).

*Inquire about our programs for children 5 years and older.*


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