About Our School

While making a decision about your child's care and education can be challenging, at Alphabet Academy we work hard to provide families with the best possible option for child care and early education at affordable prices. We combine academic learning experiences and structured play in a fun, safe and nurturing environment. Children engage in a variety of activities that help them discover, explore and learn to their fullest potential. This is their introduction to a lifetime of learning, and it is a journey that should start on the right foot. Whether you are returning to work or furthering your education, you can trust us to give your child an excellent start. 

Our staff is committed to and passionate about building strong bonds with the children in our care. We transform care taking into teaching opportunities, using each child's unique strength and developmental level as teachable moments. Our main focus is giving children memorable early childhood experiences, which are important in helping to develop positive attitudes toward learning. Our Bible based curriculum is centered around a weekly theme, aimed at teaching children the essentials necessary for building social, emotional and problem solving skills.

The daily schedule is balanced with opportunities for children to engage in the following activities:

  • Assembly - Bible stories, songs and prayer.
  • ABC/123 - Language development, writing & math skills.
  • Arts/Craft - Creative expression using various mediums.
  • Music & Movement - Introduction to instruments and dance.
  • Story Time - Exploring the wonderful world of books.
  • Physical Development - Proper eating habits, exercise and personal care practices.

We believe learning is not only teaching children the alphabet, numbers, shapes, and colours; it includes teaching them values, respect, discipline, moderation, self-reliance, how to be fair, giving and kind to others. 

Our goals while working with children are:

  • To help them develop a sense of worth and dignity as human beings.
  • Teach them the importance of personal care, health and safety.
  • Encourage them to use socially appropriate behavior with their peers and adults.
  • Help build their self confidence and develop age appropriate independence.
  • Teach them how to verbally express their thoughts, feelings and needs.

Come Experience The Best! 

Why Alphabet Academy?

  • Affordable Prices
  • Trial period of 4 weeks
  • Child centered environment 
  • Spacious, clean, well maintained facility 
  • A health consious environment
  • Qualified & Experienced Staff
  • Daily schedules & lesson plans
  • Extended hours and services